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West Point Admissions

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Far West Region 

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United States Military Academy


West Point Admissions Briefs are a great way to find out more about the Academy - both Cadet Life and the Admissions Process as well as what it means to be an Army Officer. 

  • Who - West Point and local ROTC and Army representatives.
  • What - Informational presentation for interested candidates about West Point / ROTC / Army opportunities.
  • When and Where See the list of events coming up.
  • Why - Promote interest in and awareness of college/career opportunities available through West Point, ROTC, and the Army.

For applying candidates, these admissions briefs are also a great time to meet the Field Force liaisons who will help you through the process as well as have your questions answered.  West Point is an individual choice - we are all here to help you make the right choice for your college and career. 

Go Army!

Captain Lyndsey Nott

  CPT Lyndsey Nott

Far West Regional Commander CPT Lyndsey Nott              
(845) 938-5719


Outreach Officer (FW):
1LT MaShon Wilson

(845) 938-5741   

Ms. Zulma Melvin    (845) 938-5736

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 Far West Events

Admissions Brief-LaramieUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/18/2014 7:00 PMLaramieWYDept 3167, 1000 E. University Ave, WYO Hall, room 434CPT Lyndsey
Admissions Brief-BoiseUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/20/2014 11:00 AMBoiseIDGowen Field (see enclosure for address and instructions) LTC (ret) Al
Admissions Brief-SeattleUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
10/26/2014 2:00 PMEverettWABethany Christian Assembly (2715 Everett Ave)CPT Lyndsey
Admissions Brief-PortlandUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/27/2014 2:00 PMClackamasOregonArmed Forces Reserve Center, Camp Withycombe (15300 SE Industrial Way)Patty
Admissions Brief-MissoulaUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/21/2014 2:00 PMMissoulaMontana32 Campus Drive, University Center, Room #330CPT Lyndsey
Admissions Brief-Fullerton, CAUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
10/11/2014 11:00 AMFullertonCATBDCPT Lyndsey
Admissions Brief-Mission ViejoUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
10/13/2014 6:00 PMMission ViejoCAMission Viejo High School 25025 Chrisanta Drive (small theatre, BLD 200)CPT Lyndsey
Admissions Brief-San DiegoUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
10/15/2014 6:30 PMSan DiegoCATBDCPT Lyndsey
Culver City High School’s Annual College FairUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/15/2014 6:00 PMCulver CityCaliforniaCulver City High School, 4401 Elenda Street, Culver City, CA 902301LT MaShon
Admissions Brief - Las VegasUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/22/2014 7:00 PMLas VegasNevadaGrant Sawyer State Office Building 555 E. Washington Ave., Room 4401 Las Vegas NV 89101Leah Scherrleahcscherr@gmail.com702-493-6179
Rancho Cordova-Academy DAyUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
9/20/2014 10:00 AMRancho CordovaCA10901 Gold Center Drivesee the encosed flier
Service Academy Forum-Santa BarbaraUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
8/25/2014 5:00 PMSanta BarbaraCASanta Barbara Elks Lodge (150 N. Kellogg Ave.)LTC (ret) David Kramer805-266-3946