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Developing Technologically Savvy Engineering Leaders of Character Since 1989


Academic Year 1989-1990 signaled the beginning of the Department of Systems Engineering (DSE), which became officially operational on 1 July 1989. This inaugural year was marked by the graduation of the first Systems Engineering majors, the incorporation of a five course systems engineering sequence into the curriculum, and the development of significant research opportunities in the department as well as in the Operations Research Center. As such, the Department quickly established itself as an integral part of the academic engineering community at West Point.


Since inception in 1989, the Department of Systems Engineering has seen significant evolution in keeping with Army transformation and a variety of military, organizational, environmental, operational and economic issues facing the Nation today. DSE utilizes modeling, simulation, and information systems to engineer, design and generate feasible alternatives to make systems last longer, cost less, and perform more efficiently. Each graduate of the Department is not only technologically savvy, but also an expert problem solver prepared for a career of excellence as an officer in the United States Army.


In Academic Year 2005-2006, the Department of Systems Engineering taught over 2000 cadets in 33 separate classes, conducted 63 research projects on behalf of 20 Department of Defense or Army Sponsors, and presented the results of that work at over 60 conferences around the world.



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